Nature's Gift Preschools are private preschools located in Fremont, California. Our first location (Nature's Gift North Fremont) is closing after 11 years of operation. We are opening a new campus at 38255 Blacow Road to meet the growing needs of the families we serve. At Nature's Gift Preschools, we will be offering part-time and full time programs.  Our second site, Nature's Gift Country Kids (also located in Central Fremont) will still remain open, offering mostly part-time programs. 

Nature‚Äôs Gift Preschool started when Ms. Yinyin (the owner, director, and teacher) was in search for a balanced preschool program for her two daughters. Throughout her search, she found various faith-based preschool programs, play-based programs, and highly-academic programs. There were very few preschools that offered a balance between traditional structured learning activities and open-ended play. After visiting several preschools, Ms. Yinyin finally decided to start her own unique program that offers a good balance between the two styles of teaching, creating the optimal environment to nurture young minds.

At Nature's Gift Preschools, we believe that young children learn best when they are actively exploring their environment and practicing newly acquired skills. As a private preschool, we develop our own curriculum. Our goal is to balance academics, social/emotional development, and free play in a child's life. We also emphasize character building elements such as manners, respect, and love. We believe in diversity, and our team of teachers help children better understand our culturally diversified world. Nevertheless, we never forget the importance of fun, laughter and play! 

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